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Female + +leg + domination + +

She demonstrates her strength by forcing his head into her ass then crushes his body with legs scissors. Looks like my day is about to get better!? Petite but muscular redhead Nude girl friend revenge Nova shows up in a short pink dress and high heels wearing a sexy black and pink striped thong underneath showing off her incredibly fit ass and legs. Starring Female + +leg + domination + + Nova [Scissor, Female + +leg + domination + +, Scissored, Scissoring] We first noticed Alexa over a year ago when she caught our attention on a social network showing off her petite but very fit body and in particular, her muscular thighs! And when it comes to scissor technique Chloe Lovette is as good as it gets! Then she proceeds to empty him out with one last vicious across the throat neck scissors!

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